X Theme’s New Layout Builder

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Exciting news! Theme.co is launching some new changes to come for web developers with X Theme. In their June 2020 status report, they briefly teased the new Layout Builder and some of the new features to come for developers. The new features are described as taking things to the next level. They will allow developers the flexibility to format blog posts, blog listings, and archive pages, … Read More

6 Web Design Tips

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Web design is constantly evolving. With the advancements in technology, web design is getting incredibly creative and interactive. Many elements go into designing and crafting a website. It’s a balance of being unique and grabbing the viewers attention while still keeping the site functional and clean of clutter. In the last few years, we’ve seen web designers experiment and play with new techniques, reinvent previous styles, … Read More

jQuery Fun!

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So I was playing around with jQuery this weekend and wanted to do something fairly simple. A good hour or so later I was finally able to walk away from the computer comfortably with a completed 4 button navigation that upon click swaps the contents of the div. Each div has a close button so you can go back to the normal state whenever you want. … Read More