Laux Construction

John Crafts WordPress Design/Development

Their Challenge Laux Construction came to the company I work for Michigan Creative and needed a website built, then a few months later came back to us asking for a form to be built to screen the workers that go to their jobsite for COVID-19 as suggested by the CDC. Our Solution We suggested a WordPress website, to help them solve their website needs. A few … Read More

MiniSota Play Cafe

John Crafts Woocommerce Design/Development, WordPress Design/Development

Their Challenge MiniSota Play Cafe came to Artsen Design with just their branding when they were first starting their business. They had a rough idea of how they wanted to approach web, but were not sure how they wanted to implement memberships, or how to handle booking of private parties and events. They were doing these in person at first, but wanted to make something easier … Read More